A belated Happy New Year, I’ve been busy in the office, working on my radio shows and reporting for my local Non League club.

Yes that’s right, as the headline states we have only 2 places available for our May Algarve Photography Holiday, so if you know anyone who would like to take one of those last places tell them to book now to avoid missing out, these are sure to go within the next few days!

If you have someone in mind for a booking pleasetell them to insert your name in the booking form and I will give you a little bonus payment as my thanks for helping sell out the holiday.

Time has been ticking on and we are approaching our holiday something which I guess you can’t wait to come around, some nice warm sun rather than the depressing rain, cold, snow and ice that we have recently had.

Thank you to those who have paid their deposit on time and a timley reminder to those who are a few days late, please send your balance payment over asap.